Monday, July 1, 2013

Let's try this again!

 Hey y’all!

Seriously.... who knew it could be so hard to talk... and let alone, talk about yourself?!   Oh my word!  So... I am in the middle of looking for a new teaching job and trying to get both my TPT store and my blog underway. Oh.. yea... and that whole eating right and excercising thing I promised myself I would start this summer, which hasn't started yet, but technically, Summer didn't start until Friday, June 21st, and June 22nd was my birthday, so... umm excuse me! I'm having whatever I want for that week! :)   So... July, here I come. Hopefully. Anyways... while I am getting finishing getting all the little quirks and kinks out of all my creations, I figured I would supply you with some photos to introduce myself and my crazy little life and a little about me questionaire. SO...  this is me:

This is also me...

Never take yourself too seriously, right?

Here's my incredibly wonderful, supportive, and just as silly husband, Adam.

And here....

Yes, we are quite the pair :)

"If you'll be my Lousiana, I'll be your Mississippi"

"You'll be my sunny day, I'll be your shade tree"

"You'll be my sugar, baby, I'll be your sweet iced tea" 

"You'll be my honeysuckle, I'll be your honey bee"

Wahoo! So... that right there is my crazy husband whom I love to death! 

Now, to introduce you two our two wonderful kiddos:
My adorable and overly spoiled little punkin' Jewels

And our fairly odd and very humorous cat, Chancey --you have to say his name with a Brittish accent, says my husband, btw-- ;)

Okay... so I do believe that is enough about me for today. I am going to go back to working on putting activities together so, hopefully, FINGERS CROSSED, I can start to post some freebies on here and also into my completely unstocked TPT store super soon! Let's do this! 
Have a fabulous day!


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