Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Classroom themes and my 2ND FREEBIE!!!

Hey y'all!

   Question(s) of the day what is your theme or color scheme for the 2013-2014 school year (if applicable)? What is your favorite theme you have had or seen before?

   There are so many wonderful ideas out there! Last year was a lot of fun for me theme-wise with a Rockstar theme. Seeing as I am in between jobs right now, I guess it all comes down to the grade level I end up teaching. If I do get a Pre-K or k-2 position, I am thinking of doing a Sweetshop theme, but if I teach older kiddos I am thinking of a traveling/oh the places we will go theme.  Have y’all seen this amazing website???  Oh my word Holy moly gosh cow!  I drool and my wallet cries every time I look at it!! It was created by the ever-so-talented and major fashionista, Melanie Ralbusky:

    She has so many wonderful ideas!  I about did a back flip when I saw her Lilly Pulitzer inspired classroom decor!

   Let me know what your favorite collection is or if you have another website that has good classroom themes/ideas!   

    Here are some pictures of my classroom from last year.

Above the spotlights I wrote: 
Meet the stars of Rockin' Room 121

Rock 'n' read

Our rockin' behavior chart!

glued glitter to clothespins, then applied modpodge as a sealant. After they dried i glued thumbtacks to the back of the clothespins

The "sound check" was placed outside the door for students to read before the entered the classroom

Record Breaking Word wall was so much fun! I got the idea and purchased the adorable chevron alphabet letters from Hope King. You can purchase them by clicking on the pictures below:

I got a lot of my rockstar inspiration from hope over at 2nd Grade shenanigans and also from Abby over at the inspired apple. To get more ideas and see their creations, visit their pages below. 


  Finally, here is your freebie!! I have included a couple of pictures previewing some of what is included so check it out and make sure to snag it! Any feedback is truly appreciated! I hope you enjoy! 
Have a fabulous day!



  1. Ah!! You are so creative!! Your classroom looks amazing. I am starting my first year supplying here in Ontario, Canada. I can't wait to have my own room (one day)! It is so tough to find a teaching job here and there is a new regulation this year that requires everyone to do one year on the supply list at least. :(

    Thanks for sharing!
    Ms. Makinson

    1. Aww thanks, you are so sweet! :) That's so interesting... I have never heard of that (supplying/supply list)! So what does that consist of? Do you go around to schools?

      - Mariah

    2. No problem! :)
      It is extremely competitive to find a teaching job here. There are thousands and thousands of unemployed teachers and no jobs! :( In my school board, we are assigned six schools that we will be called to most often. It's an automated calling system that calls us based on qualifications.
      The government created a new regulation this year which makes it mandatory for all new teachers to substitute for at least one year before they are considered for what are called "Long Term Occasionals" (maternity leaves etc). So, we have to be hired onto the LTO list and do at least one 4 month LTO before being considered for contract positions. It's a nightmare!!!! I am so lucky to have been hired as a substitute right out of university. Many people I know have to wait a few years to even get an interview!
      Sorry for the long response! :)
      Hope you are having a great weekend,