Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bye bye "blah blog", hello BEAUTIFUL!

Hey y'all!

Oh my goodness gracious, I am BACK!!  I have been pushing off blogging because of my dreadful "blah blog look", but THANK YOU to the fabulous Erika and the Honey Bunch Blog design team for putting in sooo many hours to create my perfect little blog!!!

Poor Erika... I am such a mess and incredibly indecisive and did not know what in the world I wanted. She ended up sending me dozens of links to clipart and designs for me to choose from based on my preferences and what I said I wanted... well after looking for a few days I sent her some other ideas and she said, "Hmm... that's very different from what you said you wanted in the beginning.."  Oh bless her heart!!!! I had her running in circles! Anyways, thanks to her amazing talent I have found my beautiful online home! :)
Since I have been away I have had a TON of news, requests, updates, and ideas for posts, but, obviously, I need to take it slooow!   A thought came to me earlier this morning as I was sipping my coffee and making a new "To-do" list since I lost the one I created yesterday...  For those of you who know me (personally or virtually), you probably know full well that I have ADD/ADHD. Yes, of course, all of us are a little ADD/ADHD here and there, but I am soo scatterbrained and disorganized that it drives me NUTS (and if it drives me crazy, I can't begin to think how it affects those around me *cringe*)!  I always find myself apologizing for things even if they're beyond my control. I'm also sure I've lost some friends along the way due to my inability to keep things together and focus...  which absolutely BREAKS my heart! Thank goodness for my incredible family and friends, and my oh so sweet and patient coworkers, students, and parents, who so willingly stick by my side and remind me of things I have promised them weeks before (I promise I have the best intentions)! Dragging myself back to the topic of today, my reason for writing to all of you is that as I know my ADD/ADHD has significant effects on myself, others around me, and my job as a teacher, I am wondering if you have any ailments, diagnoses, issues going on that you battle with daily (that you don't mind sharing). How do you deal with it inside and outside of the classroom? Or, if you don't work in the classroom, how does it effect your job performance? Do you have any strategies or "must have" tools that you use?  I truly look forward to hearing what you have to share! Thanks for being so great! Love y'all!