Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chicka Chicka and a SALE!

Hey  y'all!

   So it just hit me I start work next Tuesday! This week and last week have been crazy! And today, I stopped by my storage unit to pack my car with some teaching stuff which I could swear that I JUST packed up check it out this is going to be fun when I get past the first couple of pile, huh?

  So also, I decided on a theme! I’m doing a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom/Jungle theme so I have been crazy busy putting stuff together for that.   Here is what I have created so far

Chicka Chicka alphabet line 

 Chicka Chicka Word Wall letters

 Chicka Chicka Pennant/Banners *these banners could also be used for just a polka dot theme too!*

 Chicka Chicka Short/Long Vowel

Oh! And I am having a sale until the end of this week! Everything is 20% off! Click on any of the pictures above to head to my store! J I am still taking requests for items/posters/decoration/file folders and hopefully will still be able to throughout the school year, but I have no idea what the year will hold! So let me know if you need anything!
Hope you are having a wonderful start to your week!  


Monday, July 22, 2013

Pre-K ASD, several new products, and a new freebie!

Hey  y'all!

   Together with me, *siiiiiggggghhhhhhhhh* and relax! I got a job! Yay! My dream job - Teaching Pre-K ASD (Autism Spectrum disorder)! Eeek! So excited! Just a little stressful because I am switching counties so I have to go through the whole employment process again as far as paperwork, fingerprinting, insurance, and all that good stuff! Also the county I am transferring to starts a week earlier than my previous county so I’m all of a sudden pushed into back to school mode!  
   So the past couple of days I have been creating classroom posters and decoration for my Mom, who also teaches students with Autism. Her theme this year is going to be “Busy Bees” so I have been tending to that theme and it has been so much fun! She went out and bought color ink and cardstock and printed it all out this morning

           Here are a few more pictures of the Busy Bees Calendar Kit! To find out more information, click on the pictures to take you to my TPT store. 

  Also to go along with the Busy Bees theme, I created a collection of Long and Short Vowel Sound posters. There is one poster for each vowel sound for both short and long vowels and I also included a second set that uses a simple font as opposed to the more detailed/cutesy font. Click on the picture to check it out!

     I also created a mini calendar kit that includes all 33 of the special events calendar cards on a simple single color background. I created this set so those of you who already have a classroom calendar kit or want a classroom calendar in a theme that I don't have available, can have access to the special events portion of my kit that can go with any theme. Let me know if you have questions or if you would like me to add an event to the kit!

   Finally to celebrate getting a job, I have a “free-bee” ;)  for all of you!  Click the image below and it should open up a new tab/window with the file. Save the file and you're good to go!


     I created a Facebook page as well and am putting another freebie on there too, so make sure to swing by and ‘like’ my facebook page to download that freebie too!  J  

Hope y’all are having a fabulous start to the week!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Paint splatter and 2 new products, all before 7am!

omigosh y'all!
     I was up until 6:30 this morning finishing up my first calendar kit. Seriously! I went to bed as the sun was rising I have so many things on my mind that I just could not sleep! Anyways! So two newest items are up in my TPT shop, neither are free, but I promise I’ll get a freebie out to y’all soon!  Any ideas on what you’d like? Another file folder game themed calendar kit word wall set?  Suggestions, please! J  Both of my paid products on TPT are on sale though! Yippee!  
     This first activity is a dominos game that has students identifying and matching initial letter sounds to the corresponding letter. Only $1!

    The next activity is one is a calendar kit and, seriously, lucky for y’all, I am incredibly indecisive, so you will notice that in several of my products, I will include different designs/colors/fonts because, hey, why not? Also, I do this because while I have been teaching students with disabilities, I have found the importance of not having too much hullabaloo (for lack of a better word) in the classroom and in tasks/worksheets/activities.  While the extra color and clipart on worksheets, or elaborate decoration around the classroom makes me happy and inspired, all of that extra detail can be way too distracting to students with learning disabilities.   Sometimes when buying products on TPT, I find that the activities/decoration is too “busy” for my kiddos.  Therefore, I want to have the simple option as well as the more detailed option available for my followers.  So lucky you! J
  Anyways, back to my newest product.  last week, I wrote a post about classroom themes and how I set up my rockstar classroom.  Going back to the decoration and details, I used a lot of zebra print, glitter, and paint splattered patterns.  I updated and improved (basically I completely remade it) my calendar kit from last year and now it is available to y’all!  It is a paint splatter theme (see pictures below) calendar set that includes 3 sets of month headers, 2 days of the week sets, 1 set of ‘yesterday, today, tomorrow prompts’, 2 sets of number cards, 38 special event cards (i.e. Christmas, 100th day of school, no school, MLK Day, Happy birthday, special event, etc..), and 4 sets of year headers (2013-2016). The kit and elements are made to fit most calendar sets and/or a standard 3x3 in pocket chart.  If there are any problems please let me know! J  See below for even more information and dimensions of the materials.

So just to keep it going with the whole “paint splatter” theme, I picked up these two essentials: duct tape from walmart and cardstock from Michael's. 

FYi... this picture is not a very good representation of the paint splatter cardstock i purchased. it's actually a not as bright as the picture and has a very pretty soft shiny-almost glittery texture on top.

I used the duct tape as bulletin board borders and I cut out letters from the cardstock to use throughout the classroom (see picture below).

Well wowweee! I think that is about enough for today. I am going to go and take a nice long nap! Have an absolutely marvelous Wednesday, y’all!


Monday, July 15, 2013

3rd freebie and sickie me!

Hey y'all!

   Oh my goodness!!  Sickie me + Nyquil = match made in heaven!  It’s crazy to think that over the past few weeks I have been spending probably 6-8 hours a day on the computer reading blogs, tutorials, making activities and then BAM! Ever since Friday afternoon I have been teetering between the bathroom and the bedroom. Waking up and being able to handle looking at my emails on my phone this morning was a miracle!  My sweet hubby has been so amazing... fixing me soup, water, bubble baths, warm towels, cold towels, Nyquil, the works. Now let’s pray that he doesn’t get sick too!  Anyways, this post will be brief, but just wanted to let y’all know that, holy moly gosh cow, I’ve created my 3rd TPT activity and, yes, it’s free! I am soooo excited about this one, it turned out Super cute! Make sure you go and check it out by clicking on the picture below!  As always, feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope y’all enjoy it!  Have a marvelous Monday!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Classroom themes and my 2ND FREEBIE!!!

Hey y'all!

   Question(s) of the day what is your theme or color scheme for the 2013-2014 school year (if applicable)? What is your favorite theme you have had or seen before?

   There are so many wonderful ideas out there! Last year was a lot of fun for me theme-wise with a Rockstar theme. Seeing as I am in between jobs right now, I guess it all comes down to the grade level I end up teaching. If I do get a Pre-K or k-2 position, I am thinking of doing a Sweetshop theme, but if I teach older kiddos I am thinking of a traveling/oh the places we will go theme.  Have y’all seen this amazing website???  Oh my word Holy moly gosh cow!  I drool and my wallet cries every time I look at it!! It was created by the ever-so-talented and major fashionista, Melanie Ralbusky:

    She has so many wonderful ideas!  I about did a back flip when I saw her Lilly Pulitzer inspired classroom decor!

   Let me know what your favorite collection is or if you have another website that has good classroom themes/ideas!   

    Here are some pictures of my classroom from last year.

Above the spotlights I wrote: 
Meet the stars of Rockin' Room 121

Rock 'n' read

Our rockin' behavior chart!

glued glitter to clothespins, then applied modpodge as a sealant. After they dried i glued thumbtacks to the back of the clothespins

The "sound check" was placed outside the door for students to read before the entered the classroom

Record Breaking Word wall was so much fun! I got the idea and purchased the adorable chevron alphabet letters from Hope King. You can purchase them by clicking on the pictures below:

I got a lot of my rockstar inspiration from hope over at 2nd Grade shenanigans and also from Abby over at the inspired apple. To get more ideas and see their creations, visit their pages below. 


  Finally, here is your freebie!! I have included a couple of pictures previewing some of what is included so check it out and make sure to snag it! Any feedback is truly appreciated! I hope you enjoy! 
Have a fabulous day!