Monday, July 15, 2013

3rd freebie and sickie me!

Hey y'all!

   Oh my goodness!!  Sickie me + Nyquil = match made in heaven!  It’s crazy to think that over the past few weeks I have been spending probably 6-8 hours a day on the computer reading blogs, tutorials, making activities and then BAM! Ever since Friday afternoon I have been teetering between the bathroom and the bedroom. Waking up and being able to handle looking at my emails on my phone this morning was a miracle!  My sweet hubby has been so amazing... fixing me soup, water, bubble baths, warm towels, cold towels, Nyquil, the works. Now let’s pray that he doesn’t get sick too!  Anyways, this post will be brief, but just wanted to let y’all know that, holy moly gosh cow, I’ve created my 3rd TPT activity and, yes, it’s free! I am soooo excited about this one, it turned out Super cute! Make sure you go and check it out by clicking on the picture below!  As always, feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope y’all enjoy it!  Have a marvelous Monday!


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