Friday, November 1, 2013

100 TPT followers, classroom organization, and blog hop coming soon!

Hey  y'all!

   Happy belated Halloween! Did y'all do anything special?  I was kind of bummed because I had a training Wed-Fri so I wasn't at school for the Halloween festivities! I did, however, receive some adorable pictures of my kiddos' creations! They turned out super cute! :)   For most of my products I found ideas on Pinterest, combined different ideas together and added my own twists as well. Click on the pictures below to check out my Pinterest boards to see more similar crafts.

On Monday we made Spider Webs and Spider hats.  I don't have any pictures of those :(

On Tuesday we made bone snacks using pretzels, marshmallows, and vanilla candy
coating, and then we "took Xrays". Here is my "xray" the I used as an example for the students.

On Wednesday, the students made a Bat and completed a Bat painting. I'll try and upload better pictures later.

On Thursday, students made Ghost prints

On Friday, students did a Candy Corn activity where they cut, tore, and sorted orange, yellow, and white paper into appropriate sections to create a Candy Corn. I don't have any of the pictures but here is where I got the idea :)
                                        Candy corn sorting by color

  Be on the look out over the next couple of days for a freebie to celebrate my goal of reaching 100 TPT followers! Yippee! So thankful for all my followers and supporters :)

   This is my third year as an ESE teacher, and first year teaching Pre-K ASD.  Even before beginning to teach I knew that the first several years were going to be bumpy (okay, rather mountainous if you want to be honest), but I am coming to terms with the fact that I can't focus on perfecting every little part of my classroom routine/organization/layout etc.. The first two years I was always pulling my hair out because I couldn't seem to get ahead... EVER, but now, I have come to see that it takes time, practice, and even failure, to build myself as a teacher.  I am definitely not saying that I am ever going to stop learning or growing and I have always known this, but I guess I have just made peace with and realized that what I need to do is focus on one certain thing to improve on every year. Does that make any sense at all or am I just rambling on in circles?    Well, anyways, I guess I get so overwhelmed by all of these ideas and projects that I want to implement, but I need to learn to just focus on one idea at a time.  Now that I say this out loud, it sounds incredibly simple and y'all are probably thinking, "Uhhh... duh!" 
    Sorry for rambling on! One thing I have been going absolutely mad over is my classroom organization/layout.  I have seriously already changed my classroom layout more than 5 times this year... and I'm talking major shelf moving and rearranging! My poor paras! They're amazing though and always willing to help with my crazy indecisive self!  How do you organize your classroom?   It's so different with Pre-K AND, especially, with ASD.  If there are any Pre-K ASD or ESE teachers out there reading this, I would LOVE to know how you organize your room and any other advice or tips! :) 
   Last but most definitely not least is the I'm So Thankful Blog Hop that is coming up soon! It will be Nov 8th-10th and it includes over 20 blogs where you can snag fabulous freebies at every single stop! More information coming soon!

Anyways, hope y'all have an amazing start to your November! Thanks, again, for all of your support! :)  Much love,

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